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Love Quote # 152

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Lover's Paradise

A cloudless sky kisses water.
Blue foamed water caresses sand.
Swooping gulls cry their approval
of nature's love triangle so grand.

Hot, bronzed bodies, rainbow of blankets
dot the stretch of hot ember grains.
Sporadic trees lend their cool darkness
to dodgers of invisible flames.

A silhouetted sailboat,
a mirror of water now orange red
announce the crawling dusk approaching
and the star-filled night ahead.

Soon all's devoured by the darkness.
Sun worshippers have journeyed on.
Save for those sharing perfection
by a driftwood fire 'til the dawn.

Nothing's sensed but two hearts beating,
tongues of fire and rolling surf.
Two souls sharing love with nature
in this sweet heaven here on earth.

- Wayne Dunlop -

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