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Love Quote # 137

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I Am Love...

I am love.
I am beautiful, yet humble.
I am not proud or boastful.
I demand nothing for myself — I am not selfish.
I give, and give, until I have nothing left.
And though my pockets are empty, I am rich.
I am love. I have wealth beyond measure.

I am love.
When I am hungry, I feed others.
When I am tired, I stay awake to take care of the sick.
When my feet are weary, I still press on.
When others rush on before me and fizzle out,
I patiently endure, encouraging others along the way.
I am love. I endure forever.

I am love.
Though painful darts and hurtful words assail me,
I do not defend myself nor strike out in return.
Instead, my weapons are silence, joy, kindness, patience.
And though I may die in battle, my legacy will win the war.
I am love. I am triumphant.

I am love.
I think not of myself, but others.
I am frequently misunderstood, though mentioned often.
I am mysterious and intriguing, yet simple and plain.
I am love. I sacrifice my life for others.

I am love.
If you see me, embrace me.
Take a piece of me, and share me with others.
The more you take of me, the more I will give...
So you can give to others.
I have an endless bounty.
I am love...
I am yours.

- Robert W. Dickinson -

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