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Love Quote # 124

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She Dances Through The Sinews of my Heart

She dances through the sinews of my heart,
twisting and writhing to exotic rhythm.

With warmth and soft abandon,
she captures the infinite passages of my mind,
with such completeness,
denying me the freedom
to think past her beauteous embrace.

My thoughts are no longer my own,
no logic, no process, no control...

Now audacious confusion is reigning,
with darkness so black, and brightness so lucent,
with passion and luxuria in wonderful turmoil...
my mind is stolen by her.

What girl can possess such power,
what heavenly creature can so completely allure.

My being now immersed in her fabulous enchantment,
so incoherent are my effusions of desire,
I am now a stranger to my own mind and deed.

She is beauty; she is perfection,
in her mind, her body, her spirit.

Her full, blood ruby lips entice and provoke me
to go where I do not dare.

Inside her eyes; brilliant blue sapphire lies as stone,
with the resonance of harder times,
hiding a warmth, a passion, that most may never see,
for her fear that she can be hurt again.

Our minds are one, a union like few others will know,
a merging of nomadic souls in an oasis
so right, so brilliant, so sentient.

Both traveled that road of excess
and wise to life's darker sides.

Separate paths have forged our minds
and disparate storms have weathered us
to birth these souls.

What chance encounter for life to offer,
that I should ever meet this girl.

What opportunity for life
to torture my mind and my body; my soul.

A love so consummate could never be mine,
such false dream I dared not consider.

But my mind's in her hands, and this sense is not heard,
so with restraint unleashed,
with reckless abandon
these dreams of passion and love did grow.

It was evening when darkness lay its hand on my shoulder,
like an old 'friend' in solemn moment.

My heart and stomach now weight of lead,
my chest contorted and tight.

That moment she spoke, I was falling,
speeding through the earth so fast, my vision a blur.

My armor, laid at her feet,
set down, in fumbled declarations of love.

With magnificent limpidity her words were heard,
piercing my flesh as cold, steel, razor.

Now, her feelings for me are fading,
from within the deepest dreams of my mind.

As I peer through the swirls of this wake-less fog,
my mind is lost in endless reflection.

Deep inside me, a flickering flame,
a love that will burn eternal,
while in my body , I feel her presence...
as she dances in the sinews of my heart.

- Michael Coombes -

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