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Love Poem # 261

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'Twas the night of Christmas, and all through the house,
Every creature is sleeping, even the mouse.
The stockings are empty, opened gifts stacked with care,
All are happy, St. Nicholas had been here.

The children will sleep late all snug in their beds,
While plans for their new toys dance in their heads.
All the world but me is deep in sleep's wrap,
I sit here alone, with a hot chocolate night cap.

Out on the lawn there is no noise or clatter,
Everything is peaceful, nothing's the matter.
I looked out the window and leaned on the sash,
Christmas had been good, another great memory cached.

The moon light shown on the new fallen snow,
Gave the impression of mid-day to the world below.
And as I thought over a near perfect day,
I tried to define what made it that way.

Was it the gifts, the meals, the laughter or fun,
Was it being with family, all together as one?
I thought of each goodness and I named them by name,
Each person and gift, each toy and each game.

But then I realized with a sigh and a tear,
What made Christmas so special, a time of no fear.
It wasn't the family the gifts or even new toys,
It wasn't the food or the children's happy noise.

What made Christmas the best time of the year,
Was the gift of your love, a treasure so dear.
Take everything away, the gifts and the tree,
As long as I have you, it's Christmas to me.

The hardship of living, no sadness or strife,
Nothing can defeat me with you in my life.
The warmth of your love, the heat in your kiss,
The sound of your laughter, it's at the top of my list.

No present is better no gift is more true,
Nothing is better than my having you.
So what made this Christmas so special and dear?
It's your love - I have Christmas all year.

- Randy Smith -

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