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Love Poem # 239

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A Dream That You Wish Will Come True

In my dreams as a boy
I saw glimpses of your face, shrouded in mist
I yearned to lift the veil and behold my future love
But you'd always linger just beyond my senses
I could almost reach out and touch you
But my fingers seemed to vanish into nothingness
As the mirage of you slipped back into the realm of my mind

Born a child of the heart, my love was destined to be true
And were it in my power, I should have waited not so long
The hourglass kept me company during my vigil
As my imagination ventured where I could not
To strange lands and faraway places, always with you by my side

How thirsty was I to drink from the font that was to nourish my soul
Oh! to have chanced upon you
While the youth still flowed through my veins
So many fantasies, so many visions, so close but so far
Always a prayer on my lips for deliverance
From this sentence of torment
To know that you are but to be in darkness
While your light shone from afar
How cruel, how sad, how my heart ached to beat with your own

And when I had all but forsaken the hope of this romance
You walked into my eyes, and my world stopped in your wake
Every desire of yore seemed to spring to life in you
And every secret dream unfolded before me, like a rose in bloom
The waiting had ended and the face that never was
I now beheld in rapture

Eyes that burned the very core of my being
Oh! the fire that now dwells within
And mesmerised I was with every word
That leapt forth from that delicate mouth
Music in my ears as we conversed, discovering our past and present
Unwilling to believe that I was finally home, but how could I not
Does one's own heart deceive
When it hears the song of its nightingale?

To be crowned with your queen on the day you were born
Is a joy very rare
And as we danced into the night
Time all along the master, was now my prize
While it had played out many times in my mind
Our first kiss shook the very foundations of my being
I was awash in a magical glow and lightning pulsated through me
I wanted to cry out in exhilaration
But I was numbed by the happiness that enveloped me

You understand me as I know myself
And I am complete in your love
Our thoughts intertwined, fused together in silent comprehension
The storms cross my path and I do not fear
For my heart beats steadily with your own
You are my beginning, you are my journey
You bear witness to my life's purpose
I am one with the universe and you are one with me
And the fulfilment of a divine will

I am forging ahead through this wonder and I know not our future
But I am at peace and happiness fills my wellspring
For in the time that you have loved me, I have known a true miracle
And it has changed me, I am reborn never to be the same again
I love you as I live each day and your dreams are mine to soar
May the mystery that is this life, unravel as we walk the path
A dream that you wish, will come true.

- Arup Pereira -

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