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Love Poem # 218

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Words for My Lady

I knew this day would eventually come
When I'd want to say these words to you
And it's with these words I hold in my heart
That I now feel I need to renew
I've thought about what I want to say
And was waiting for when the time was right
To say exactly what's on my mind
While you're sitting here with me tonight

I know I get caught up in my own little world
And sometimes I tend to forget
The true meaning of those little words
Which entered my heart the day we first met
If you'll move just a little bit closer
I'll describe the moment when this all began
When I knew you'd be my special lady
And I would be your lucky man

It was an evening in time when I held you close
As we listened to the falling rain
Sitting in front of a warm flickering fire
Sharing our dreams with a glass of champagne
Somehow, I never could have imagined
Spending an evening like that with you
As we talked between the falling raindrops
And expressing our points of view

With my arms wrapped around you
I thought about how hard it would be to let you go
Then you turned around and kissed me
Only then at that moment did I really know
We fell in love on that special night
But I couldn't find the words to say
As you were the only one in my life
Who has ever made me feel that way

When I looked deep into your eyes
And then I took your hand
I knew that all I ever needed
Was to love and to hold you all that I can
You became a part of my little world
And knew that I could never let you go
Because your love meant so much to me
More than you could possibly ever know

After all these years of being together
I needed to say how much I still care
And the only thing I ever wished for
Was that you would always be there
You will always be my special lady
And I love you so very much
I'd be lost in my little world without you
To share your love and your touch

With you by my side and a fire to keep us warm
We'll always welcome the falling rain
When we're holding each other and never letting go
As we fall in love all over again
The words in my heart still mean the same
After all these years of being with you
And the best part of all was knowing
That my very special lady still loves me too

- Ken Ross -

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