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Love Poem # 203

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A Poem For My Secret Love

I want to share my feelings
And I don't know how to start
But every single word I say
Is coming from my heart

The first time that I met you
All you said was "Hey"
It was really just a simple word
But it took my breath away

You were very fun to talk with
You were extremely sweet and kind
I was in love with every thing you said
You were amazing in my mind

You fill my days with brightness
You lift me up when I feel blue
You make me feel like I'm someone special
So I'd do anything for you

For you, I'd walk across the desert
So hot, without a breeze
For you, I'd dive into the ocean
And be swallowed by the seas

I barely even know you,
So this may be a surprise
There's nothing that you could do wrong
Because you're flawless in my eyes

I always wonder where you are
And I wish I could be there
You're probably so far away
But I can feel you everywhere.

You're the constant beating in my heart
You're the blood rushing through my veins
You're the light glowing from a moonbeam
You're the crystal droplets in the rain

You're the colors in the sunset
You're the rustling of the leaves
You're the twinkling in the nighttime stars
You're the very air I breathe

I care for you each hour
I dream of you all week
You're the last person running through my mind
Before I drift to sleep

I'm so grateful that you're in my life
Maybe someday we'll be together
I love you, and only you
I always will - forever

- Written and owned by Qiuling Zakaroff -

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