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Love Quote # 132

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Two kindred souls walking the face of this earth

Worlds apart, but one heart.

Settling for love, but never happy
always knowing the other was there.

Then one day by chance, their paths merged
a love from another lifetime re-ignited.

The long talks revealed two separate lives
that were shared as one over time and distance.

The love that was realized was overwhelming
the realization of the emotions was known immediately...
two lives, two hearts, two thousand miles... one love.

The laughter, the tears, the shedding away of the years... the realization of the paths walked, the similarities, the oneness of a life spent apart... as if they had lived in each other's hearts and souls through time immortal... as in a dream that only they shared on those quiet nights when thoughts of what was supposed to be traveled through their minds... the sunrises and sunsets shared by both, as if they knew the other was watching, yet not knowing where the other was...

The love realized was akin to two worlds colliding, as they melted into each other's hearts and souls... as moths are drawn to a flame, their hearts were drawn together... a dance of love, twisting, turning, flowing together... climbing ever higher towards the warmth of their love... this isn't a love of a lifetime, it's the love of an eternity, an eternity spent searching for each other, searching for happiness, searching for what was always meant to be.

Life and love run in circles, once begun, the circles never end. Through time, across generations, over distances unimagined, their love maintained its intensity... its warmth, its genuine pull of hearts towards the unknown known. The circle came all the way around and true, genuine love was discovered again... a love that will continue to span the universe and last throughout all time...

- William R. Stoudt -

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